The benefits of having Derry Imaging radiologists onsite

Unlike at some facilities, the radiologists at Derry Imaging are onsite.  This can save time and avoid undue worry if there are any concerns that present themselves during an exam.  Being onsite allows them to play a key role in your personal care such as:

  • Direct Communication–Allows them to ask questions and request important historical health information.
  • Patient Safety–They are well trained to minimize any risks with exposure to radiation, magnetic fields and reactions to contrast media.
  • Exam Quality–Ensures that patients are getting the right exam to make the best determination of their health issue. They provide supervision and education for the technologist performing the exam.
  • Availability–Being onsite allows easy consultation with your physician, assisting them with ordering the best exam for ultimate outcomes.
  • Expertise–Our radiologists have all graduated from an accredited medical school with fellowship training in specific areas of imaging such as Breast Imaging, Women’s Imaging, Neurology and Muscular Skeletal Imaging ensuring your report has greater clinical value and insight

We are very proud of the ACR accreditations Derry Imaging has earned in each of the modalities we provide.  All of these things ensure the safety of our patients, the quality of the exams, and can save you anxiety as well as time and money.