Here for You Through It All

If the results of one of your mammograms are of any concern, you will be introduced to one of our breast health nurse navigators.

After the radiologist discusses the exam findings and recommendations with you, a nurse navigator will reach out to you immediately and help you navigate each phase of the diagnostic and treatment process. During what may be an anxious time, your navigator will provide support in every aspect of your care.

“It was really important to me to have a nurse navigator like Erika because she was able to explain everything very simply to me. She was able to put to ease any of my fears. And you don’t know—when you go through something like this—you don’t know at what point you’re going to become anxious. I was very strong and very calm throughout the entire process, but when I was actually having the biopsy, that was the point at which I became very anxious. She was incredible. She talked me through it. She went and got lavender for me to smell to calm me down. She was integral, very integral to me being calm.”

—Charlotte W.

Meet Our Breast Health Nurse Navigator


Erika Escher, RN-BSN CN-BN

Erika is a Certified Breast Health Nurse Navigator at Derry Imaging Center. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey in 1983. Erika has been working with breast cancer patients for more than 5 years and is passionate about raising awareness of the importance of annual breast cancer screening. She understands the impact a diagnosis has on an individual and their family. Erika’s understanding and compassionate care help our patients navigate with confidence through difficult healthcare experiences and decisions.

Erika keeps active by gardening, exercising and enjoying the “lake life” with her husband and two grown daughters.