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We are the first independent imaging center in New Hampshire to offer cardiac PET imaging.

Derry Imaging provides Cardiac PET services at:
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A cardiac PET is the preferred first-line non-invasive test for patients with known or suspected coronary artery disease who meet the criteria for a stress imaging test. Cardiac PET imaging is increasingly used because of its high diagnostic accuracy, low radiation exposure to the patient, short image acquisition time, strong prognostic power and the unique ability to measure myocardial blood flow to the heart. This new advanced diagnostic tool provides information that will ensure our patients continue to have access to high-quality, high-value care and advanced cardiovascular technologies.

Who should consider cardiac PET testing?

A cardiac PET scan may be appropriate for those who are at high risk for heart disease. Risk factors include:

  • Atrial fibrillation
  • Breast implants
  • Chest wall deformity
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • High risk for coronary disease—Derry Imaging offers a coronary calcium scan, which helps identify your risk of coronary artery disease
  • High risk for major cardiac event
  • Identification of multi-vessel CAD
  • Ischemic chest pain
  • Large body habitus, high BMI
  • Left bundle branch block pattern
  • Paced rhythm on an electrocardiogram
  • Pleural or pericardial effusions
  • Prior poor-quality stress imaging study
  • Pharmacological stress imaging required
  • Ventricular cavity size
  • Young patients with established CAD

Talk to your provider about whether a cardiac PET scan is right for you.

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What to expect:

Most cardiac PET exams take less than one hour; however, a longer exam should not be cause for concern. Our team will ask questions about your medical history. Please be sure to report all medications you are taking.

You will be asked to lie down on a scanning table developed especially for the PET camera. During your PET scan, most of your body is outside the scanner; this is not a full-body scan like a CT or MRI.

RUBIDIUM 82 is the radiopharmaceutical that is used during your cardiac PET scan. The tracer is not a dye or contrast. The short half-life of Rb-82 results in minimal radiation exposure and enables a far briefer test, reducing the scan time to only 25-35 minutes.

A small amount of radiopharmaceutical is given through your IV line, enabling the PET camera to capture images of your heart. Small pads called electrodes will be placed on your chest to monitor the electrical activity of your heart throughout the study.

Derry Imaging Center and the New England Heart & Vascular Institute will collaborate on professional interpretations of the cardiac PET/CT studies to ensure the highest quality and diagnostic confidence possible.

How to prepare:

Click here for a downloadable patient prep form.