Relax, we make it easy.

Derry Imaging prides itself on making your first mammogram experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

Derry Imaging makes scheduling easy, too. You can call our office (603-537-1363) during office hours, or schedule online from your computer or smart phone at whatever time is best for you.  There are early morning, daytime, evening and Saturday appointments available to fit your busy schedule.  You can often even schedule a mammogram for the same day!


Once you arrive for your appointment, the receptionist will direct you to our private mammography waiting area. You will use one of the individual changing rooms to undress from the waist up, and put on a comfortable exam top (be sure the snaps are in front!) Lockers are available to store your belongings.

What happens next?

  • The female technologist (tech) will bring you into the mammography exam room where she will ask you simple questions about yourself and your family health history.  This is a good time to mention if you have any concerning lumps, or if you have had surgery or breast implants.
  • The tech will have you stand in front of the mammography machine and will adjust it to your height.  She will ask you to take your arm out of one of the sleeves of the top, so that your breast can be examined on the machine.
  • You will be asked to lean in towards the machine to properly position your breast.
  • The tech will gently place a device on top of your breast to allow for the necessary compression.  She will ask you to hold your breath while the machine compresses the breast for a few brief seconds and takes the mammogram picture.  Once the picture is done, the compression releases.  The tech will adjust your position to make the process as comfortable as possible.
  • There will be four images of each breast taken–so, four different moments of adjusting, compression, and release per breast.
  • The results of the exam will be sent directly to you and your doctor.

Should I do anything special to prepare for the mammogram?

  • It is best not to schedule a mammogram during your menstrual cycle if you experience tender breasts at that time.
  • Do not wear deodorant, lotion or other powders the day of your exam.  We will provide you with a deodorant pack to use after your exam.
  • Wear a two piece outfit so that you only have to remove your top.
  • Feel free to ask questions! When you schedule your exam, feel free to ask questions so that you won’t be needlessly worrying about what to expect.  You can also check out our Mammography FAQ page on our website.
  • Go with a friend (or your Mom or sister)–it could turn out to be an annual tradition: Mammogram, Lunch & Shopping!WomenShopping

It’s easy to put off your mammogram, but the truth is, they save lives.  Early detection is the best protection!