Derry Imaging has two MRI scanners—one with a fixed magnet and one mobile, open wide-bore magnet.

Fixed Magnet

Fixed Magnet

Derry Imaging uses the Philips SENSE Small Extremity coil, Head Spine coil and knee coil to enable high resolution over an extended field of view for all types of MRI. The recent upgrade of our Philips fixed magnet utilizes the most sophisticated technology available to produce superb images and provide accurate interpretations. From 16-element high resolution extremity imaging to 33-element head and spine imaging, to our small extremity specific coil—we’ve got you covered.

Open Magnet

“Open Magnet”

Derry Imaging’s “open” MRI is the Siemans Espree 1.5T MRI, one of the most powerful open MRI available on the market today. It combines a high field strength 1.5T magnet with a wide “Open” bore system that gives patients greater comfort without compromising exam quality. The Espree is ideal for claustrophobic and or large patients, accommodating patient weights up to 550 lbs.