Beth Jutras was dealing with extra weight and illness. Between prescription drugs and supplements, she was taking more than 30 medications a day. Since starting Weight Sense, Beth has lost 42 pounds in eight months.

The program’s experienced nutritionists have shown Beth how to “live the lifestyle.” Medical support, along with the moral support of her Weight Sense classmates, has helped her stay on track. Though she’s tried to lose weight in the past, Beth found counting “points” didn’t help her keep the weight off over the long term. But through Weight Sense, Beth began to experience small losses that added up to something bigger than she anticipated, and the program has given her the tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Beth is now enjoying activities she never thought she’d be able to do as woman over 50. “I think women in general have difficulty making the decision to take care of themselves, whether it’s physically or mentally,” Beth says. “And that’s one thing we have to put aside because if you’re not healthy, you’re not going to be any good to your family or friends or coworkers.”