Parenting is a tough job. You rise early, feed and dress the kids, drop them off at school and then…the commute begins. Chances are if you are working a fair distance away from your home you are listening to either a lot of the same music or book on tapes (probably not on real tapes unless you made a trip back to the ’90’s!) With that in mind, we are advocating that parents consider podcasts.

Some pros to podcasts are:

  • Usually they’re free
  • You can stream them anywhere
  • Sometimes depending on the service you can pre-download the content
  • There’s an unending supply

Zen Parenting

It is a widely-held belief that those parents who understand themselves can help their children thrive. If this sounds like you, it’s quite possible that you will enjoy the podcast Zen Parenting. It is hosted by married co-hosts Cathy and Todd. The strength of the show is due to the facts that the two come at topics from totally different perspectives – it’s the eternal battle between logical and emotional (though in a chill way). 

Sound good? You can find it here.

New Hampshire Public Radio (NHPR) Parenting

Chances are you’ve probably heard of NHPR. After all, they have been active since 1981 and have built trust with listeners since then. Their official address is in Concord, but they actually broadcast in 12 states and as of 2011 they had earned 172,600 weekly listeners

NHPR provides a lot of community information, New Hampshire news and they have parenting advice too! Recent topics include self-driven kids, summer break entertainments and changing parenting advice.

You can dive into NHPR’s parenting podcasts here.

Mom and Dad are Fighting

Are you a fan of Slate Magazine? Well, you’re in luck! They actually have a whole selection of podcasts for the epic Slate fan, but in particular, they offer a special parenting podcast called Mom and Dad are Fighting. It’s a popular show hosted by Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace and it covers all kinds of topics. Some recent ones include summer break, co-parenting and taking summers off while still getting promoted.

You can tune in here.

Parent Savers

Another awesome podcast option is Parent Savers. This one is aimed at new parents who need the down-low on frequently experienced parenting issues or concerns. When you feel like you’re falling apart, let the minds behind Parents on Demand help you keep it together.

Check it out here.

TILT Parenting: Atypical | 2E | Gifted | ADHD | SPD | Asperger’s

If you are the parent of a, as this podcast denotes, “differently-wired” child, you may enjoy listening to Tilt Parenting. The podcast was created by Debbie Reber and aims to help children of all types succeed. Some things to expect include author interviews, parenting topic subject matter experts and general inspirational content.

Jump in here

We hope you enjoyed this list of parenting advice podcasts! If you ever need health advice, feel free to contact us to make an appointment with one of our incredible providers.