For those who haven’t heard of HMR (Health Management Resources), it’s a customized weight loss program we run that, according to our HMR Info Session and Program Basics blog“involves psychology and medical staff – essentially it’s a program where a whole team helps to manage health in a resource-based way.”

The program has resulted in great success with patients in-home and in-clinic. In fact, we have some testimonials to prove it! 

First of all, let’s break down the advantages to each method:

HMR In-Clinic

  • Face-to-face coaching, higher weight loss potential and medical supervision if needed.
  • Weekly classes with individual coaching
  • A separate “maintenance component” for continued support to practice the skills needed to maintain weight loss over the long term and transition into the Mediterranean plant based diet.
  • HMR offers a Health Risk Appraisal that may be given to participants before and after weight loss. The profile illustrates improvements in medical risk factors as a result of weight loss and lifestyle changes, helping to reinforce newly acquired health habits.
  • An average weight loss of 28 – 41 pounds / average % of initial body weight lost is 13.7 – 15.8% (average 12-26 weeks).

HMR In-Home

  • Auto Delivery to home of products / materials
  • FREE phone support
  • Simple and convenient weight-loss plan with group coaching by phone.
  • Average weight loss for Healthy Solutions with phone support is 23 – 38 pounds. / average % of initial body weight lost is 10.4 – 13% (average 12-26 weeks).

Well that was helpful, right? But really – which one is for you? Let’s talk about the type of person who wants to participate in each program.

HMR In-Clinic

Depending on your health status, you may want to consider in-clinic service when it comes to HMR. “If somebody is on many medications and / or is at high risk for a lot medical issues I would recommend them doing in-clinic. Also, if somebody has an aggressive amount of weight to be lost I would suggest in-clinic as well,” said Health Educator Melanie Ortez.

HMR In-Home

Looking for a budget-conscious and flexible weight loss solution? HMR at home may be for you. Ortez said, “if you cannot commit to the in-clinic program with weekly attendance with your schedule and/or financially, sometimes HMR at home has great specials that help folks get started. When doing HMR at home you are only paying for the tools and the product versus being in-clinic where you have to pay for your group classes, product and your medical visits.”

Are you still unsure about HMR? Attend an info session! We offer a FREE informational seminar, now every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 5:00 pm. Click below to get the details.